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Knockout Challenge

Races aren’t for everyone, we get it. So what do you do if time, availability and lack of desire to race mean your running is getting a little stale? Why not try our Knockout Challenge to spice up your weekly runs?!


What is it?

This is a virtual, personal challenge lasting twelve weeks*. Each week you will be sent the challenges you have to complete to progress – do them and you stay in, fail to complete them all and you’re out, simple as that.

Submit evidence of your successful runs (or walks) to us by Sunday evening to get through to receive the next week of tasks.

*If everyone entered is knocked out before week 12, the challenge will end and the winner will be the final person remaining. If, at the end of week 12 there are multiple people left in, we will host a daily knockout challenge to whittle it down to one.


How will the challenges be sent out and checked?

Prior to the start, all entrants will be sent instructions on how and when to submit their evidence. On Sunday evening ahead of week one each person will receive the same set of challenges via email. Evidence can then be submitted by email or Whatsapp ahead of the cut off time for each week.


What will a week look like?

Here’s week one for you, so you can get a feel. Each week will get a little more tricky and need some out of the box thinking – it’s about planning and using your head as much as it is running!

Week one:

1. Run/walk exactly 5.00km.
2. Complete a run/walk with exactly 100m of height gain.
3. Run/walk a minimum of 4km, with all the km paces being within 10 seconds of each other. E.g. 6km run with km splits of 6:00, 5:55, 6:05, 6:02, 5:59, 6:00.
4. Your total distance for the week must read X1.X1km e.g. 21.71km.


Do I have to run everything on the list?

Each week, every task must be completed successfully in order to progress. However, you can choose to run or walk each one, as long as it still fulfills the criteria.


How do I sign up?

Entries will be opening shortly (as well as a start date confirmation). Watch this space, and our Facebook page to be updated as soon as we are ready to roll.

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