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    Below are a series of questions to help us get to know a bit about you and whether we would be a good fit for your running aspirations. Please take your time and give the best answer you can, it will help us know how to help you.

    Over the past three months, what has your average weekly mileage been?
    0 – 15 miles16 – 30 miles31 – 50 miles50+ miles

    How much support do you feel you need from a coach to achieve your goals?

    How would you like a coached training plan to help you?

    What type of terrain do you like to run on?

    Would you prefer to work with a female or male coach?

    Are there any burning questions you have about coaching and how we can help you?

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    Rivelin Running Events.

    We love to run, and love inspiring others to run too! We aim to create events that are accessible, fun and welcoming no matter what your apsirations and goals.

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