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1-2-1 coaching

Do you want to get better* at running and need some guidance on how? Have you ever wondered how a running coach could help you?

Whatever you’d like to achieve, a coach can help you take the steps that might be difficult by yourself. Jon and Laura are both UKA Endurance Coaches with a wealth of experience coaching runners to a reach a wide range of goals.

We love all things running, from road to fell, slow to fast, and everything in between. We care about the little things that help us get the most enjoyment from running on the way to reaching those goals – because the journey is at least as important as the destination. We care about YOUR goals, and helping you reach them in the way that fits your lifestyle.

We know what it takes to put in the work and make progress, because we are both runners. We also know how it feels to juggle our passion for running with full time jobs, families, and the rest of life’s demands, because we are human beings! And finally, we know how much a coach can help to take away the stress of thinking about what to do with our running, because we coach each other!

But don’t just take our word for it, the runners we work with have good stuff to say about us!

Before being coached by Laura, I was running maybe once or twice a week, and spending the rest of the time hurting and injured! These days I can run a consistent 80km week, work with Laura to stop any aches before they become injuries, and on top of that I have gotten significantly faster at every distance I’ve raced, and even had a couple of podium place finishes. – David, coached by Laura.


Jon and I had been running together before he started coaching me, and I decided he was the right person to guide me and help maximise my potential. He understood what I wanted to achieve and was able to tailor my plan to specific events and challenges. Since Jon started coaching me I have gone from strength to strength, from a complete ultra distance beginner to finishing in the top end of the results table in less than two years. Some of the training sessions he puts me through have not been easy but they have all been worth it. – Chris, coached by Jon.

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*Better does not just mean faster race times. Maybe you would like to be less frequently injured, go a bit further, get the most gain out of the limited time you have to run. Your reasons why are as individual as you!

To find out more, click the button below, tell us a bit about yourself, and we will get in touch to discuss how we can help you!

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We love to run, and love inspiring others to run too! We aim to create events that are accessible, fun and welcoming no matter what your apsirations and goals.

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