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Dig Deep route changes 2021

Hopefully you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media and website, so you already know that Dig Deep has a new home this year at Hangram Lane Farm, just off Ringinglow Road. If you don’t know what I’m on about, then have a quick read of our Dig Deep event page.


To help you get to grips with the changes, Jon has written a lovely little summary of each route and the key new bits to look out for. Remember, if you want more detail then full route descriptions and maps are downloadable on each race page.


Dig Deep Trail 10k


It was re-introduced in 2020, now it’s undergone a complete route change, the Dig Deep 10k is guaranteed to be the perfect introduction into trail running!


Starting at Hangram Lane Farm with a steep downhill to Clough Lane, the route follows the river Porter until the first big climb, up Greenhouse Lane. This is not a hill to be taken lightly, but the views at the top are so worth it (if you have the time to look around!).


Over the first road crossing, across a couple of fields and taking care across the second road you then find yourself on a wide dusty track at the top edge of Lady Cannings Plantation. This is a lovely, slightly undulating track that heads downhill before turning left onto Houndkirk Road and heading towards Sheephill Road.


Then it’s down Limb Valley as fast as you can, a short sharp climb to meet Coit Lane and round the back of the Cricket Nets, onto Ringinglow Road and the final push back up to Hangram Lane!


Dig Deep Trail 12.12


Somewhat of a classic, this course has remained unchanged for years. Even now, with a new start and finish we have tried to keep as faithful to the original course as possible. Gone is the climb up the Limb Valley and the meander through Lady Cannings Plantation, replaced with the same start up the Porter Valley as the 10k. Plus this time, instead of finishing at Whirlow Hall Farm, you need to keep a little extra in the legs to keep going up Ringinglow Road, back to the finishing field.


Dig Deep Trail Ultra 30


Past runners of this route will be glad to know that, with the exception of the start and finish (see the 12.12 changes above), this route is the same as it ever was. Yup, we’ve still got Stanage Edge, the descent into Bamford, THAT climb up to Win Hill (how could we deprive you of this!) and the calm trails along the River Derwent. As per last year, we’re not going up onto Carl Wark, opting to head down the left-hand side to the packhorse bridge.


Dig Deep Trail Ultra 60


There’s a couple of changes to the route which the eagle eyed of you will have noticed. Nothing major, but just enough to keep it as close to 60 miles as possible. The first of the changes isn’t until around 40 miles in, after Bradwell. Climbing up to the top of the edge, onto Brough Lane and then right, yes right – not following the 30 route down the hill into Shatton, but climbing some more and heading towards Shatton mast before a steep downhill. Some may relish the descent; others may curse the pounding being inflicted on their quads. Then, a few miles along, once you’ve climbed up to Hathersage and crossed over the road, you’re not going to head towards Carl Wark, but skirt around the Northwest side of Higger Tor, returning to the Upper Burbage Car Park you last saw around 6 miles in and retracing your steps back to Houndkirk Road. We think you’ll enjoy this detour, if not just because you miss out the boggy section near Carl Wark!


Whichever distance floats your boat, we reckon you can’t beat the mix of Peak District climbs, beautiful views, freewheeling downs and friendly Yorkshire runners you’ll find at Dig Deep! At time of writing, there is just eight weeks until race day, so if you’re on the fence about entering, now is the time to make the jump. All the detailed race information and entry links can be found here.

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