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A Birthday Boundary Bimble!

So, if you saw our post on Facebook the other day, you may remember that it was Jon’s birthday (the big 4-0!), and in lieu of a sports car or affair with a supermodel he had elected to go for a big long run!


Here’s a brief summary of his day, ups, downs, bogs and all!

“What a difference a decade makes! If you’d have told me 10 years ago that I would be contemplating running 46 miles on my 40th birthday I’d not have believed you! My 30th celebrations were a lot different, hire a pub, ask friends to DJ and drink heavily. I guess the one similarity between the two days would be keeping on top of my fluid intake!


The Bradfield Boundary (blue) and my route (red)


When planning what I wanted to do on my birthday it seemed like the right thing; the Bradfield Boundary route passed within a couple of hundred metres of my front door, it was around places I knew quite well and it was a distance I knew would challenge me. I’d been running around 20 miles in the weeks leading up to this, not specifically for this event, but with the aim of wanting to run for longer and further, so 46 miles would definitely test me. The plan was simple, keep the intensity low, keep eating and drinking, and most of all enjoy myself.


There were plenty of climbs on the route, the first being a solid 10km drag from the bottom of Rivelin up to Stanage pole. And after that they just kept rolling in! The highlights were the amazing views on such a perfect running day, and being joined and supported by running friends along the way. The lowest point, which to be honest wasn’t too low, was the bogfest along the northern part of the route, which slowed us down and made it rather tricky underfoot!



Joining me for parts of the route were Chris Hargate, Clare Oliffe and Nick Goddard, with Leanne Elwood and Katie Alexander providing much needed support along the way. I’m usually a solo runner when it comes to distance, so running with others was a welcome change to take my mind off the mileage. In fact, the first 15 miles up to Back Tor seemed to fly by. Even the next 15 miles didn’t drag as Chris, Nick and I made our way over the outermost point. Kudos to Nick for the navigation along that section! It was obvious we were tiring during the latter sections, even Chris was silent for a few minutes (and that lad is never quiet 😊 ) , but the combination of not rushing and eating throughout meant that even by the finish I wasn’t feeling too bad. Which is promising for future adventures…

Overall, a really great way to spend your birthday :)”

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