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Time for a fresh start?

Now then, don’t jump to any assumptions, this isn’t a post where we reveal a massive change in direction or tell you we are upping sticks and moving to New Zealand (as tempting as that is!)

We are looking towards what 2021 might hold, for us as an events organiser, as individuals, and for our community as a whole.

We are being cautiously optimistic about being able to hold events, whilst also being realistic about what they will look like and how we manage them. So below is a brief summary of our 2021 goals, both for events and us personally!


Event goals:


Important: While we have put proposed dates for each event, many authorities are not currently accepting event applications, so these are subject to change. In the event that the dates change for any given event, entrants will have the following options:
– Run the race on the amended date
– Defer entry to the following year/race
– Transfer the entry fee towards the whole or part of one of our other events
– Receive a 75% refund

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us by entering races in good faith and optimism :)


Bradfield Bash – We hope that we will actually get to do some of these in person this time around! At the moment we are planning on doing a time trial/staggered start set up, and as with 2020, there will be four races in the league across the year.

Canal Canter – Sadly, we feel that this event is too high risk to commit to at the moment. There are narrow parts of the course where social distancing would be impossible and it would be irresponsible of us to ignore that. If the situation changes we may try to include the Canter as a single race later in the year, possibly with staggered starts and tweaks to the route as needed.

Dig Deep – this will be much the same set up as the 2020 event, which went surprisingly smoothly given it was a new challenge for everyone! We will stagger the start times, keep entry numbers relatively low, and encourage you to be on your way one finished (unless we are allowed to hang out and party, obviously).

Ecclesall Endurance – the inaugural event got indefinitely postponed this year, until it became clear that we weren’t going to get to do it. It’s something that both of us are really psyched to put on, so we will try our best to make it happen in 2021! The nature of this event will make it fairly easy to put on safely, and we will further limit covid risk by keeping entry numbers low, plus all the cleaning down which has become the societal norm.

Ladybower 50 – as with Dig Deep, we were pleased with how the 2020 races went, so we will stick with that format and see how things go!


All of the events are now open for entries (bar the CC :() and once again we want to express how grateful we are to those of you that have already entered, and to those of you who enter at any point in the future – it keeps our little dream alive, gives us faith in humanity, and helps to feed an ever hungry seven year old (that belongs to Laura, not Jon – this mostly funds his Altra habit!)


Our goals!

Whilst we love organising races, we genuinely do have lives outside of RRE (not that most of you who chat to us would know it, as it makes up approximately 89.7% of what we talk about). After the year that has been 2020, we have both set ourselves some 2021 running goals that are a little different to what we might have aimed for in other years. If you are needing a little inspiration, or a good chuckle, here are the things we would like to do in the next twelve months:




Laura: “This year has been up and down with running for me. I have had lots of other things going on that have taken much more of my energy and focus than I would have liked, and often that’s meant I’ve lost the consistency of running I rely on. To focus on getting that back, and in the spirit of Go Big or Go Home, I have set myself the target of running 2021 miles in 2021! On paper it looks perfectly doable, although it will be an increase in weekly mileage compared to what I have been doing the last couple of months. I’m not the fastest, and I intend to take it steady and enjoy the process. I’m sure there’ll be points where I need a bit of external motivation so if anyone ever wants to join me for a run then shout!”






Jon: “Well, my races for 2020 didn’t quite happen as planned, but I have actually really enjoyed getting consistent weeks and months of running under my belt – even the road and speed sessions that Coach sends me! I feel like I am in a good, strong place to start what will hopefully be a good year of races and challenges. I’ve been invited to do an ultra race in Canada in September (this one –, so that is the big focus of the year, however there’s also a couple of other things in the pipeline. This year will see me reach a ‘significant’ birthday, and I’d quite like to spend it running a self supported tour of the South Downs Way. If that goes well I may have a go at one of the other iconic UK long distance trails later in the year too :)

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