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Rivelin Running Events


Welcome to Rivelin Running Events

We offer a wide range of races to suit all tastes – from five flat miles to 60 hilly ones, and everything in between! Whether you want a series of shorter races to keep you motivated through the year, or are thinking about dipping your toe into the ultra marathon pond for the first (or 50th) time, then we think you’ll find something that fits the bill.

We are expanding our offering of races in 2020, check out each one below.


Upcoming Events

2020 Races….

Events for 2020 are set to include the return of Dig Deep and the Canal Canter, the (friendly) takeover of Ladybower 50, as well as several new races! For details and to enter check out the links below:



The Bradfield Bash

Five miles of hilly racing from Low Bradfield cricket pavilion on the edge of the Peak District.

In 2020 you can enter each individual race or complete 3 out of 4 events to be eligible for the Bradfield Bash League.

Race 1: 6th May 2020
Race 2: 10th June 2020
Race 3: 15th July 2020
Race 4: 5th August 2020


The Canal Canter
The Canal Canter – five miles of flat racing from Victoria Quays in Sheffield city centre.

In 2020 you can enter each individual race or complete 3 out of 4 events to be eligible for the Canal Canter League.

Race 1: 26th January 2020
Race 2: 26th April 2020
Race 3: 26th July 2020
Race 4: 25th October 2020



Dig Deep

Four races over two days, from 10km through to a challenging 60 miles. Pick your distance and enjoy the fabulous views the Peak District has to offer. Plus running talks, food, beer, and quite possibly a Saturday night party!

Dates: 28-30th August 2020




Ecclesall Endurance

Running through the night on a 4km woodland loop – how far can you go? Put yourself to the test in our dusk til dawn trail challenge. A perfect step into the world of ultra running, with the safety net of knowing you are never more than a couple of km from support!

Dates: 4-5th April 2020




Ladybower 50 Race Series

A well loved event in Peak District ultra running, you can choose from 20, 35 or 50 miles of running around the Upper Derwent Valley. Friendly, fun, and pretty hard to get lost (water – left, land – right) – what’s not to love?

Date: 20th September 2020




Legacy Loop Ultra

How much of whether you quit or keep going comes down to mentality in a race? Come and find out at this 6 or 12 hour looped ultra set on a one kilometre traffic-free urban circuit. It’s the simplest thing in the world, all you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Date: 20th June 2020

Rivelin Running Events.

We love to run, and love inspiring others to run too! We aim to create events that are accessible, fun and welcoming no matter what your apsirations and goals.

Coming up in 2020….

There’s plenty to be excited about over the next twelve months here at Rivelin Running Events, and we are giddy like kids at …

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